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Social and Location Based

At SHOPNET we bring the buyers and sellers on one platform based on their requirements, location and product portfolio.


Cheapest and Convenient

From the convenience of home buyer can get cheapest price in market from the stores/shops in your city.


Online and Conventional Sale

At the same time we are Empowering the local shops and stores so that they can reap benefits of e-commerce and conventional modes of sale.



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App Description

At ShopNet the shopping is a social experience. Nearby shops are at your fingertips.

Users can search the local shops in their area and get connected with the shops immediately by chat session or on phone. Then users can place orders for home delivery or pickup.

Users can also post their requirements and receive many quotes for their product and get the cheapest price of the product in the market.

From the convenience of home users can get cheapest price in market from the stores/shops in his city. At the same time we are Empowering the local shops and stores.

Buyers don't need to step out of their home or office. No need to waste your time and money in visiting many shops to get the cheapest price. No window shopping required. Buyers get cheapest price in the city sitting at home. Buyers can pay by cash or card once the product is delivered.

Just download the app and register as buyer and post your requirement. Your requirement will reach the sellers in your city selling your product. Sellers will compete with each other to give you the best price and service of your product. You will receive many quotes for your requirement. Choose the cheapest or best quality quote and accept it. You can chat or talk with the seller for any clarifications. Product can be delivered to your home and you make the payment. Enjoy the product.

For sellers SHOPNET app places the shop online at the hands of your customers. Shop or store owners can take advantage of both the conventional and e-commerce modes of selling. SHOPNET app will increase the customer base from local community to entire city. Just download the app and register your shop. You will start receiving the requirements from buyers. Quote your best offer for the requirements. If your quote is accepted, chat or talk with the buyer and deliver the product and receive your payment directly from buyer.