How It Works For Buyer

Buyers don't need to step out of their home or office. No need to waste your time and money in visiting many shops to get the cheapest price. No window shopping required. Buyers get cheapest price in the city sitting at home. Buyers can pay by cash or card once the product is delivered.



Register as a buyer

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1. Just download the SHOPNET App and register as a Buyer.

Searching near by shops

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1. Using the SHOPNET app you search for the nearby shops.
2. Depending on the product and radius of search it will list nearby shops.
3. Select your desired shop and save it

Saved shops list

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1. Go to the saved shop button.
2. It will list all the saved shops.
3. You can place direct order, chat or talk with the saved shop

Requirement posting method

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1. Post your requirement.
2. Your requirement will immediately reach the nearest sellers in your city selling your product.

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1. Sellers will compete with each other to give you the best price and service of your product.
2. You will receive many quotes for your requirement


1. Product will be delivered to your home and you make the payment.
2. Enjoy the product

Direct Order Method

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1. Now you can place a direct order to the saved shop, for ex. Grocery items.
2. Shop will receive the direct order instantly and your product is delivered to you.


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1. On the settings page you can change the:
-shop search radius
-Requirement radius
-Requirement validity
-direct order validity

Profile Page

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1. On the profile page you can:
-change pasword
-change personal details like country, city and address.